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¿What is ubercar.taxi?

Welcome to our website! Uber Car was founded in 2015 by Javier A. (Actual Uber Driver). We created this website for Uber Drivers and Uber users, where drivers can sell your used cars and Uber users can find uber drivers online.

We are an online marketplace that brings Uber car buyers, sellers and enthusiasts together on a single platform. We have developed a user friendly website where users come to trade in automobiles. It is developed as a simple automotive classified advertising business marketplace. The website puts users in control with tools such as competitive pricing information, photo galleries, videos, car detailed information, to give additional information about every vehicle. We are innovating the traditional used car buying and selling experience by building a responsive and reliable Online to Offline system that connects buyers and sellers directly and provides outstanding customer experience.
We provide unfettered access to Uber car sellers to advertise their cars to our vast buyers’ database for fast selling. At the same time, we provide Uber buyers with information they need to make cost effective buying decisions according to their individual budget. In essence the website can greatly expand a seller’s prospects and a buyer’s selection. We also provide the opportunity to rent a car or get a driver of our choice that is close to your location.
Are you an uber partner and want to sell your car? Create your account and sell your car privately, it’s very easy and FREE! Do you want to buy or rent a used car for taxi service? Search Uber drivers in your city, rent a car temporarily, buy used Uber cars in your area, that is so cool! Our goal is to build a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your used car needs and also provide drivers at a glance. At ubercar.taxi, we do everything we can to ensure our customers have the best possible used car experience. If you have any question or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us through email or kindly give us a call, we will more than happy to help you.